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Bandung: Exploring ‘The Paris of Java’

Home Travel Bandung: Exploring ‘The Paris of Java’

Bandung, also known as Parijs van Java or ‘The Paris of Java’, is an increasingly popular vacation just a few hrs away from Jakarta. To this day, there are several aspects that make the city deserving of this honorific. From fashion to nature, keep reading to discover Bandung, ‘The Paris of Java’.

Parijs van Java is not a made-up motto created by the local government to enhance tourism. As a matter of fact, the nickname was made prominent almost a century earlier throughout the colonial era. Some traced the name to a Dutch business owner that first developed the term to assist market his items. Parijs van Java was after that discovered and repeated by others, including European travelers who witness the city’s refinement.

Fashion Capital

Similar to the original fashion capital of the world, Bandung was likewise a facility for the growing of fad and layout. Records as well as peoples’ heritage suggest that the upper class in Bandung showed tremendous interest and also enthusiasm towards arts and voguish trends.

Compared with any other towns in the Indonesian island chain, Bandung was probably one of the most stylish region at that time, lined with trendy stores and high fashion stores, when lots of other cultures were still living generally. Even then, many of the fashion modes as well as fads were ‘imported’ from none apart from Paris itself.
Bandung still stands as contemporary Indonesia’s kiblah for style. Although fashion scenes as well as industries have developed in various other cities like Jakarta and also Bali, Bandung is still residence to many tags, manufacturers and also developers. Holidaymakers from neighboring cities like Jakarta wouldn’t leave Bandung before getting a hold of some stuff from its many, many style outlets. Try Cihampelas Road or the ‘pants road’ for some good-bargain style things in Bandung.


Paris’ impact over Bandung doesn’t stop with style. Throughout the very early 1900s, many buildings in Bandung were developed with Art Deco as a building referral. These structures consist of the prominent Savoy Homann Resort and also the iconic De Vries Structure, which was the city’s first department store. Beyond Art Deco, a lot of heritage buildings in Bandung reflect European influences in design, consisting of the neoclassical or even Gothic style.
The most convenient method to appreciate Bandung’s distinctive and also ornamental design is to walk by Braga Street, which was one of the old city’s centers of people. Several buildings on that road are closed for business or have actually been repurposed, yet their exterior is still unbelievable to observe.

Even now, style is a famous aspect of the city’s advancement. The present mayor, Ridwan Kamil, is a designer that has large prepare for the city’s strategy. He personally developed new, awesome spaces while still maintaining and also accentuating the heritage structures with sustaining surroundings.

Natural Appeal

Preceding Bandung’s successful art as well as culture scene is its wonderful natural landscape. It has a mountainous topography that gives the city stunning all-natural views and much cooler weather condition, compared with various other cities in Java, Indonesia. Those natural and geographical features were what initially attracted the Dutch colonists to the city and made them decide to develop as well as develop it. The cooler climate was regarded more suitable for Europeans.

Also today, new natural tourist attractions are still being found as well as established. Several popular facilities in Bandung– resorts, dining establishments, cafés, art spaces and more– strive to achieve a balance between architectural luster, classy design and soothing all-natural views.

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