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Actions speak louder than words !!

Best 14 Indonesian Meals You Should Eat

Home Culinary Best 14 Indonesian Meals You Should Eat

There’s really extra to Indonesian meals than Nasi Goreng. Sure, you heard me proper. There’s a lot to Indonesian delicacies that supplying you with a High 10 Should Eat is nearly unimaginable, however we will attempt.

Here’s a checklist of greatest Indonesian meals that it’s essential to eat if you end up right here, although in no way full, we are going to attempt our greatest to maintain it open and up for debate.

Could the perfect meals reign supreme!

Nasi Goreng

Actually means fried rice, it’s really the same old well-known Southeast Asian type of stir-frying cooked rice, however with it’s very personal Indonesian spices and blend



Actually means dry curry, rendang is a extremely common dish in Indonesia that’s really a dry beef stew. It’s originated from Minangkabau (or also referred to as Padang) in West Sumatra. That’s the reason it’s both known as Rendang Padang or Rendang Minangkabau.

Rendang is principally meat, usually beef however generally liver, rooster, goat or different meats, could be cooked in coconut milk and spices till dry leading to an intense concoction of style and texture. It is likely one of the greatest meals on this planet, attempt it to imagine it!

Soto Betawi

There are just a few Soto right here in Indonesia that it’s essential to attempt, first is the Soto Betawi, which the soup is manufactured from beef or beef offal with cow milk, it’s a distinctive variation in itself with a definite style.


Ketoprak is one in every of Indonesian conventional meals. It’s a mixture of bean-sprout, deep-fried tofu, onion, eggs with particular peanut sauce.

Soto Mie / Soto Mee

Sotomie (or Mee Soto) which is likely one of the hottest soto for its personal proper, it’s both manufactured from rooster or beef for soup and served with noodles and sliced risoles spring rolls. Of of the perfect Sotomie in Jakarta could be discovered at a stall inside Mangga Dua.


Rawon is a black beef soup, made with beef and keluak (black nuts) as the principle spice giving it a powerful nutty style and darkish in color, together with different spices and usually served with rice.

Sate / Satay ayam


Sate or Satay Ayam (rooster), are skewered and grilled (BBQ) rooster served with flavourful peanut sauce. Additionally it is generally known as nationwide dish of Java, Indonesia, making it a powerful contender to our Nasi Goreng.

Soto Ayam

This can be a rooster soup which is yellow and barely spicy, usually served with lontong or nasi empit or ketupat (rice desserts) and vermicelli (rice noodles).


A standard meals hail from Yogyakarta in Central Java, gudeg is a stew produced from younger jack fruit (nangka) with palm sugar, coconut milk, meat, garlic, and many spices. It is likely one of the most flavourful meals on this planet, melding all the pieces from style to textures.

Sayur Asem

Sayur Asem or sayur asam (actually bitter greens) is a tamarind soup produced from peanuts, younger jackfruit, melinjo, lengthy beans, chayote, corn and meat inventory (usually beef) and naturally tamarind.


Bakso or Baso in Indonesia, is a meatball produced from beef surimi (meat paste, usually beef, with some tapioca flour). It’s often served in a bowl of beef broth with noodles, bihun (rice vermicelli), greens, tofu and eggs.

Nasi Kuning

Nasi Kuning (yellow rice) or generally generally known as Nasi Kunyit (turmeric rice) is a well-known Indonesian breakfast rice cooked in coconut milk and turmeric. It’s often serve with some omelette, grated coconut and spices and fried anchovy and kacang (peanuts).

Ayam goreng

Ayam Goreng appear to be so simple as it sounds – fried rooster, however the Indonesian flash their frying ability right here at the perfect with one in every of most superb fried rooster you’ll find on this planet, crisp on the surface juicy on the within.


Gado-gado (or also referred to as Lotek) is an Indonesian salad, a mixture of boiled greens doused generously with peanut sauce dressing. There are different related dishes like pecel and atah or karedok.

Sure, the checklist is greater than 10 as a result of we’re nonetheless voting to see which of those make it to the highest 10 and who is aware of if there could be a brand new entry.

You can find your self spoilt with selections from wonderful eating to eating places to roadside stalls right here in Indonesia. Don’t miss out on the Indonesian road meals there too! If you search more Indonesian meal or Makanan khas Indonesia, visit to masfikr.com, klik disini.

Please do remark beneath to your selection or if in case you have a advice of your personal. Let’s unfold the goodness of greatest Indonesian meals!

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