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Home Information Mosques

A mosque is a location where Muslims collect to prayer. Mosques have been a main part of Muslim neighborhoods because the early days of Islam.

What are the features of a mosque?

The mosque serves a range of functions in the lives of Muslims. Its most important function is as a house of prayer. Muslims typically check out the mosque to join prayer with huge teams. Mosques likewise give spiritual education, regional charity, as well as a meeting point for Muslims to have spiritual conversations.

Who leads the mosque?

Mosques are commonly led by an Islamic leader called an “imam”. The imam in some cases leads the prayers, particularly the Friday petition, and also is in charge of the religious assistance of those who go to the mosque.


Minarets are towers that are often built as component of a mosque. They are made use of for calling Muslims to petition. Five times every day, a guy called a “muezzin” problems the phone call for prayer from the turret. Minarets are available in a variety of designs and shapes, however they are normally high, slim towers.

Prayer Space

Mosques have a space reserve especially for petition. This area has a wall surface that encounters towards Mecca. There is normally a particular niche in the wall called a “mihrab” to show the proper instructions. The Muslim worshipers after that deal with towards this wall surface when they pray.

There generally isn’t any type of furniture or chairs in the prayer room. Worshipers make use of petition floor coverings to kneel on while hoping.


The minbar is a raised stand where the prayer leader, or imam, leads the prayers or supplies a religious message sholat.


Some mosques are elaborately enhanced with ceramic tiles and also rugs. There are no photos of individuals or pets in the decorations, nonetheless, to make certain that idolizers are not venerated in the mosque. Instead, the decors utilize repeated geometric designs, scrolling fallen leaves and flowers, or words from the Quran created in calligraphy.

Female’s Location

Depending on the mosque, ladies and also guys might prayer in various areas. Often the mosque will have a different prayer area or area where women can hope.

Famous Mosques

There are many popular as well as historical mosques throughout the world. Right here is a listing of some of one of the most well-known:
Al Haram Mosque – Located in Capital, Saudi Arabia, this mosque is considered the most spiritual mosque on the planet as well as is the house to the Kaaba. Muslim pilgrims from around the world go to this mosque each year as part of the Hajj (expedition).
Al Nabawi Mosque – This mosque is the second-most sacred of the mosques and was built by the prophet Muhammad in Medina, Saudi Arabia.
Al-Aqsa Mosque – Located in Jerusalem, this mosque belongs to the Temple Mount and also rests near the Dome of the Rock temple.
Faisal Mosque – This mosque was developed to appear like a desert outdoor tents, yet is said to stand up to 74,000 people on the primary grounds. It is located in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Intriguing Facts about Mosques

The tallest turret on the planet is the minaret at the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. It is 689 feet high.
Sanitation is very important to Muslims when they worship. There is generally a location in the mosque where visitors wash and eliminate their shoes before going into the prayer space.
The capacity of the Al Haram Mosque is said to be enhanced to up to 4,000,000 individuals throughout the Hajj.
The Al Nabawi Mosque is additionally called the “Prophet’s Mosque.” The Prophet Muhammad in fact worked on the building of the original mosque.
The word “mosque” is the English translation of the Arabic “al-masjid”, which suggests “location for compliance.”

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