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How to Use Heat Press Machine for T Shirt Printing: the Simple Guide to Set up and Print

Home Information How to Use Heat Press Machine for T Shirt Printing: the Simple Guide to Set up and Print
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Heat press machine is easy to use, but needs several steps to install. If you’ve never used one before, follow this simple guide on how to use heat press machine for T shirt printing.

You can use it fairly easily and produce good quality prints, thus it is a staple to all shirt printing business. It is a simple machine to use, but be sure to follow these following steps accordingly.

Find Shirts Suitable for Heat Transfer

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Talking about how to use heat press machine for teespro.id printing, many people forget that some fabrics are more sensitive to heat and can melt or deform when heated. Since heat press produce a considerable amount of heat, choosing the right garment is important

Materials suitable for printing are spandex, cotton, nylon, polyester, and lycra. If you really need to use other heat sensitive material, wash it to give it room to cool when it is heated. But make sure to not leave damp shirts in storage or else it could cause mold to appear.

Setting Up Your Machine

You don’t want a wobbly or crooked machine while you print your shirt. A level, well-grounded platform should be used to place your heat press on. Make sure a power socket is also nearby.

This machine is can make a considerable amount of heat, so a ceiling fan or air conditioning is recommended. A cool work area is important so you can focus clearly on your shirts.

Heating Up Your Machine

For a more effective print, your machine should be at a high level of heat. This is recommended because it helps the transferred print to stick better on the fabric.

Follow the temperature settings that are mentioned in the transfer paper specification. Also before printing your shirt, set in on the preheating temperature to warm up the shirt.

Loading the Shirt

Shirts that are about to be printed shouldn’t be wrinkled. It must be straightened to ensure a flat print surface so the design would print properly. Loading your shirt should also be level from shoulder to shoulder, to prevent a crooked print.

In good heat presses, there should be a guideline to position your transfer paper and shirt. If you don’t have that feature, align the back tag to the back of the machine. It is advised for the first usage to use a test paper and shirt to make sure it works properly.

Heat Pressing your Shirt

Turn on your machine then use the console to set temperature and time. Preheat the machine for a moment, then prepare your shirt and transfer paper. Load your shirt straight and level, then bring down the cover. Leave it for a few seconds for the material to warm.

Open the cover then put in the transfer paper with the printed side facing down. Pull down the cover and lock it, then start the healing process. Lastly on how to Use Heat Press Machine for T shirt printing, pull up the cover then remove the transfer paper and store the shirt for 24 hours.

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