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The Best Android Game Recommendations

Home Information The Best Android Game Recommendations

Don’t like playing online games because of wasteful internet data? If so, then offline games are the right choice to play. Even though later you can’t play together like when playing online games, the details of offline games are still interesting to play. Moreover, there are quite a number of the best Android games that can be selected.

With many interesting offline games, of course you can choose which games are suitable to be played and according to your taste. Well, on this occasion we will discuss the recommendations for best Android games of the most interesting genres. Curious? Check out the full review published by verdiand.net!


Minecraft is a very interesting sandbox game. It can be said that Minecraft is a popular game and is widely played by Android users because of the fact that there are 10 million users who have installed this application.

What’s interesting about Minecraft is, there is a demand for gamers to show their creativity in making houses, hotels, or other buildings. Of course, there will be levels to solve later.

Asphalt 8

Do you like racing? Asphalt 8 is a racing genre game that is perfect for playing. One of the interesting points of this racing game is that the developer provides flexibility for gamers to make various modifications to the car used. Thus, of course you can try to tinker and add a variety of accessories to make your dream racing car.

Another interesting thing about Asphalt 8 is that there are hidden items that must be opened. Some of the items that are locked include various weapons, car spare parts to increase speed, and others. Sometimes, your Kk has to win a race first to be able to open these items.


Badland is another Android offline game option that is very interesting to play. Games with the adventure genre that have an artistic effect and are so overwhelming that the game details will look more realistic. In addition, the game’s storyline can also be said to be quite challenging.

When playing Badland, you will be faced with a variety of puzzles that must be solved. Each level has a different difficulty level. Not only that, you also have to face your opponent when trying to solve the puzzle.

Shadow Fight 2

Source: deweezz.com

Shadow Fight 2 is a very fun offline game for teenagers. As the name suggests, in this game, you will play a shadowy figure to face enemies with different characters 1vs1.

Not only that, Shadow Fight 2 also offers pretty good and clear graphics, even though the character is a shadow. Later, you can upgrade your weapons to increase your strength. Yes, updating weapons is very important because the game level will always increase with tougher enemies.

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