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AMO length? Here’s What You Need To Know

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As an archer, it is important to recognize every little thing regarding your bow also the tiniest of requirements such as the AMO size as well as what it suggests.

I am an archery enthusiast and also as I found out more regarding my compound bow as well as other bows associated with AMO size, I started to hear all these terms that I didn’t quite understand.

I wished to break it down for you … because when you recognize what these terms mean it will make life a lot easier.

Allow’s start with the very starting!

What is AMO?

AMO stands for Archery Manufacturers Company. It was marginally developed to be a collection of requirements for bows similar to the bow size.

Bow designers are throughout the world so there needed to be a collection of requirements as well as policies that designers complied with this way it made purchasing bows less complicated for customers.

Manufacturers will currently have AMO measurements on package or container of your bow to offer you the requirements that would certainly fit your bow.

After awhile the Archery Manufacturers Company came to be far more than just a collection of requirements. It came to be a area. Since then, they have altered their name to the Archery Profession Organization.

The Archery Profession Organization still holds their high requirements for bow as well as bow designers yet they offer a area for all archers to go to. From classes to lobbying for archers.

They want to maintain as well as grow this impressive sport all over the world. You can discover more impressive details at their site.

Since you recognize a bit of the history as well as hopefully the value of what AMO stands; allow’s dive in to the AMO size as well as what it precisely suggests.

AMO Length

AMO size is mosting likely to be someplace on the container your bow came in or on your bow. It is mosting likely to include the bow size classification as well as the bow consider classification.

Instance: AMO 60 ″, 40 lbs.

The picture listed below explains that too yet this is the AMO’s standard bow string tension chart they adhere to when they are establishing these measurements. (As you can see, they are very accurate).

Resource: AMO Requirements, 1987 (archerytalk.com).
Allow’s stick to the instance AMO 60 ″, 40 lbs.

When you see the AMO 60 ″ (this is the AMO size) you want to subtract 3.

60– 3 = 57 (You subtract 3 for recurve bows … compound bows are a little more complex).

69 ″ is mosting likely to be the bow size nock-to-nock when the bow is strung.

But listen. I hear regularly individuals say they can do this easy math as well as recognize what their bow size is.

But that is NOT TRUE!

This is the string size.

Why do they call it bow size … I have no hint. But I want to make this very clear.


There I stated it … it just involves string size. I have spoken as well as had deep conversations with many string designers for bows and that is all it is. It will aid you obtain your string size.

In other words, when you need to change your bowstring, this is what you will utilize the obtain the string size. It is that easier. Your welcome!

This photo is such a great depiction of what optimal vs. reality. AMO size vs. the real size.

Whenever you talk to an archer they constantly inform you their bow size in inches. That is because the AMO has constantly utilized that metric to specify the AMO size.

So currently you recognize what the AMO stands for as well as exactly how you can utilize it in the future to change your string.

But what if you want to by hand measure your bowstring to see to it. Great Question!

Manually Measure Your Bowstring

Possibly you acquired your bow utilized as well as the AMO or tag is missing on the bow as well as currently you are left to figure out the bowstring size on your own.

Do not worry! Its actually easy.

Gauging Bowstring Length for Recurve Bows.
To discover the correct bowstring size on a recurve bow, all you need is a tape measure. I am mosting likely to utilize a recurve bow in this instance.

You are mosting likely to take the tape as well as measure along the contour of the bow arm or legs from the string groove to string groove. This is mosting likely to be your string size.

An additional way is to measure your bow from tip to tip to discover the AMO size and then subtract as necessary to the kind of bow you are utilizing.

When you are determining, see to it to measure across the face of the bow arm or legs as well as not to contour into the manage.

Now, when it pertains to determining a compound bow, this component gets a little harder.

You are mosting likely to need a pen to note the bow as well as a bow press to hold the bow.

AMO size requirements recommends that a compound string size needs to be figured out by using 100 lbs. of tension and then you have to measure from the beyond the pin to the beyond the other pin with your string.

A lot of makes have a string tensioner which is a kind of equipment utilized to make this procedure a lot less complicated.

But considering that we are doing it ourselves, you want to place the bow in a bow press as well as take a item of string as well as make a loophole. Place it on the secure located on the camera and then wrap it around the cameras. After that bring the string to the other secure on the other side of the bow.

Proceed as well as hold the cameras to make sure that they look similar to when the bow is being strung. You can readjust the brace height to ensure a great feel as well as look for exactly how the bow will look when its completely strung.

After that you are mosting likely to take the pen as well as mark the string at the secure on the opposite side of the loophole. And then you can measure the size of the string from the loophole to the mark. This will be your correct size needed for you compound bow.

This procedure is mosting likely to be a great deal less complicated if you have an extra pair of hands.

I directly would most likely to a expert bow stringer or you regional archer pro store to aid with a compound bow just to see to it it’s accurate.

Final thought.
I believe a lot of newer archers (like when I first started) obtain very intimidated when they see all these measurements as well as weird recommendations they have never become aware of such as AMO.

And also I have gone to several archery professional stores as well as professionals to learn more regarding my bow as well as I never listened to AMO yet just a handful of times.

But it is great to be experienced as well as to recognize every facet of your bow also the string size. You can take your bow to a expert as well as they can do it for you as well as there won’t be a trouble.

But to recognize what AMO suggests as well as exactly how to discover your string size can be very handy as well as make you more aware of your bow as well as enhance your skills.

I would certainly additionally suggest taking a look at the Archery Profession Organization. Understanding more regarding this association as well as the history, offers you the recognition of what they provide for all archers.

Associated Inquiries.
Exactly how do you determine your real draw size? You can measure your real draw size by noting the arrow at the grasp location. The range from the grasp location to the nock that satisfies the string is your real draw size.

Exactly how do you measure amp draw size? The amp draw size is figured out by determining where the nock point is to the point that is the undersurface of your grasp. This is where the arrow will cross the riser You can additionally utilize a bow square to figure this out too.

Can arrowheads be too wish for a bow? Yes as well as no. This depends if you have the right size arrow for your stature. But Yes because the longer the arrow the weak the spine will be.

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