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Actions speak louder than words !!

Minimalist Teenager Boys Room

Home Design Minimalist Teenager Boys Room
boy room theme ideas

Having teenage boys certainly has its own challenges to determine the concept of his room.

Boys tend to dislike a lot of things and mess.

Minimalist teenager boys room concept will certainly help your boy to stay disciplined and neat in maintaining his own room.

All the furniture in it is certainly quite different from the general bedrooms.

Minimalist Teenager Boys Room

1. Bed

boy bunk bed room ideas

There are two choices of beds that you can apply namely a single bed or a futon sofa.

The shape of the futon sofa will be flexible because it can be used as a seat.

While single beds, you can choose a multilevel if you have more than a son.

Use abstract bed linen and pillows images so the room atmosphere is not too crowded.

2. Closet

decorations for a boy room

The ideal closet or lemari pakaian used for boys is a small sliding one with hanging part in it.

They don’t have too many folded clothes except jeans, ties or socks.

At the bottom of the sliding closet there is usually a drawer that can be used to put clean shoes.

This wardrobe usually has a length and width of less than 1 m.

3. Work station

boys room colors

Let your teen son have his own work station in his room.

That way, he can enjoy learning time or or creativity without having to be bothered by anyone.

Work stations usually consist of a table to put books and computer devices.

In addition, there are also chairs equipped with wheels and comfortable backrests.

4. Wall decor

boy kid room wallpapers

You can also decorate the walls of your boy’s room with various decorations that make it look beautiful.

Wall decoration can be in the form of photo frames, abstract images, or postersof his idols.

If your son likes music, you can even hang a guitar on the wall as a room decoration.

5. Shelf

a boy's room

Shelf will be very useful for children who like to read, so that he does not place his books carelessly.

If the room is narrow, you can try a hanging shelf on the wall.

Of course, the hanging shelf will be limited to putting down the books.

See the kind of shelf at https://insinyurbangunan.com/.

6. Side table

baby boy's room

The small table on the desk will help your child to place small items neatly.

Choose a side table with a drawer so that he doesn’t forget where to store things that are important to him.

This table can be placed next to the bed.

7. Light

boy room themes

There are two types of lights that you can use in your boy’s room, the main lights and learning lights.

The main lights should have a cover frame so that the atmosphere of the room is not too bright and disturb the eyes.

While the learning lamp has a smaller size and is located in the work station.

8. Paint color

a boy room decor

Minimalist rooms are also influenced by the color of the paint.

Choose a neutral color such as white or light gray so that the quality of sleep is much more comfortable.

Not only paint, adjust also other colors such as curtain, bed linen, and carpet.

Determining a minimalist teenager boys room is quite difficult.

You need to choose any furniture that is functional so that it does not fill the room.

For matters of decoration and design, you should discuss with your son so that he feels comfortable in his own room.

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