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Samuel Hahnemann and His Great Contribution in Health Science

Home Information Samuel Hahnemann and His Great Contribution in Health Science
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There are many famous figures in science, and Samuel Hahnemann is one of them. He has great contribution in the homeopathy. This contribution made him one of the most inspiring physicians.

His invention and experiments in health become so useful in current science. That is why it is good to see his life and journey in making those great inventions.

His Early Life

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Hahnemann was born on April 10, 1755. He was born in Meissen. His parent gave him name Samuel Christian Frederic Hahnemann.

He was third child and he had 4 brothers. His father was a painter. Since he was kid, Hahnemann already showed remarkable signs in academic.

He was great in studying language and science. However, he focused on science. Because of his interest and intelligence, he could study at University of Leipzig.

His Studies

Hahnemann entered the university in Easter of 1775. He chose to study medicine. He also worked in translation to get income. Since he was also excellent in languages, he got proper income.

In early 1777, he got chance to developed his knowledge. He was transferred to Vienna. He got problems that forced him to leave his study. However, he got Professor Von Quarin to keep practicing in medicine.

His mastery in languages really helped him in studying many things. When he got a job in library, he found collections of texts regarding alchemy and other old sciences, including magic. This became chances for him to learn more from those ancient texts and books.

Hahnemann and Homoeopathy

Once Samuel Hahnemann finished with those studies, he started to make his experiments. Since he studied in medicines, he made some experiments about it.

Based on his experiments, he found a principle of homoeopathy. The principle is called “like cures like” or it was also called as the law of similar.

He created the principles by testing disease. With some experiments, he found the method of treatment. It is like reversing the logic of medicine in curing person. Things that can be harmful actually can become useful when it is used in proper dosage and measure.

His Other Experiments

Homoeopathy is not the only great achievement made by Samuel Hahnemann. He also had many discoveries and invention.

For example, he could describe some characteristics and differences of diseases. There were acute and chronic diseases, and Hahnemann could find the approaches to find the basic differences, so it also gives better understanding for its treatment.

There were also experiments in cholera and typhoid. He found that hygiene plays important roles in treatment and spread of illness. That was why he suggested isolation of patients and other points regarding hygiene.

His Personal Life

His brilliant life in medicine and health science did not make him had perfect life. Even, his wife, Johanna, passed away in 1830. Because of that, he had his second marriage. He married Melanie D’Hervilly Gohier.

He still continued his career in health sciences. There were still more experiments to make by him. He also made some outstanding publications regarding his inventions and experiments.

Although he was master in health science, it did not make him immune. He died in 2 July 1843 because of bronchitis. At first, he was buried in Montmartre. However, Samuel Hahnemann got appreciation and he got better tomb in Cimitiere Pere Lachaise.



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